How To Convert a Lawn Mower into a Generator

How To Convert a Lawn Mower into a Generator, by The Epicenter, click post title to read more…

What Should You Keep In a Faraday Cage?

What Should You Keep In a Faraday Cage?, by Preparing For SHTF, click post title to read more…

DuroMax Electrical Generators

Click post title or Amazon product banner to read more… I purchased the 10,000 watt generator for 2 reasons: (1) Power for an electric welder. (2) Extra power that could be used for barter. Bob

Planning and Preparing for Winter

Did you notice the power-grid failure during the recent Monday Night Football extravaganza in San Francisco? Well, the self-described environmentalists and their extremist regulations have led to America’s precarious electrical infrastructure. The reality is we’re just a major snowstorm away from failing power grids in major population centers throughout the country. I have a prediction: […]

Backup Electrical Power

Safeguard your family as well as provide portable power for work and play with the CARB compliant DuroMax XP10000E-CA gas-powered generator, which features a 16.0-horsepower air-cooled OHV engine that cranks out 8,000 constant running watts of power (and a peak of 10,000 watts; learn more about wattage needs below). It includes both a standard recoil […]

North Korea EMP Threat

North Korea may soon be able to strike USA with ultimate doomsday weapon that deactivates (nearly) all electronics Wednesday, December 07, 2011 by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger Editor of (NaturalNews) Obama administration officials have released new intelligence indicating North Korea is building mobile ICBMs that will soon be able to reach the United […]

Global EMP Calamity

An EMP could trigger a global calamity, yet almost no one knows what an EMP is… I want to take a moment today to alert you to very real threat our nation faces from a serious Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) event in the next 24-36 months – a phenomenon that could knock out major electrical systems […]

Life After an EMP Attack

Most Americans do not know this, but a single EMP attack could potentially wipe out most of the electronics in the United States and instantly send this nation back to the 1800s.

Solar Shingles

Power Your Home with Your Home  The DOW™ POWERHOUSE™ Solar Shingle was unveiled in October 2009. Since then it has been hailed as revolutionary. But, why is our solar solution revolutionary? First, it’s a residential shingle – in both its installation technique and in the roofing protection it provides. In addition, it generates solar electricity by integrating solar cells […]

Communicating after the Phones go Down

Communicating after the Phones go Down    By Lee Bellinger, Publisher Independent Living   Electricity is like air. We take it totally for granted and become distressed quickly if deprived of its presence. Even those of us who are not technologically adept are electricity junkies. Pretty much everything we do requires electricity or electrically charged […]