Hurricane Preparedness Checklist

(NaturalNews) Called a “monster storm,” Hurricane Sandy is much more than a  hurricane. It’s a hybrid monster storm system that weather experts are  now warning could cause $1 billion in damage when it strikes the U.S. eastern  seaboard early Tuesday morning. If you’re living anywhere near  Philadelphia, Boston, Delaware or surrounding states, you have a […]

Disaster-Proof Your Home

From Bottom Line Personal, November 15, 2011 The federal government declared 86 major natural disasters in the first nine months of 2011, more than in any full year in the past. Ten of those disasters topped $1 billion in damage, and at least three—Hurricane Irene along the Atlantic coast up to Vermont…the Virginia-based earthquake…and wildfires as […]

Planning and Preparing for a Hurricane

Hurricane Alert!  Steps to Protect Your Home By Danny Lipford The peak of hurricane season is now upon us, and this year the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration expects to see an above-normal Atlantic storm season.What home owners need to do to protect their properties…Cover windows with plywood. Don’t try to do this alone—and don’t […]

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