How to Make a Mini Metal Foundry

How to Make a Mini Metal Foundry, by Preparing For SHTF, With this DIY mini-foundry you can begin to turn trash into useful stores of metal. Click post title to read more…

Wolf Garten Tools

Garden work can really be enjoyable when you have the right tool for a particular job. The intelligent multi-star® system by WOLF-Garten sets new standards in quality and performance, has an optimal tool for every type of soil and for every task, and guarantees effortless, relaxed, and highly-efficient task completion. Each WOLF-Garten attachment is machined […]

A Dozen Must-Have Tools

Sheltering-in-Place – Keeping Your Home Safe, Secure, and in Top-Notch Shape The line between a convenience and a life-saver  is a thin one! During an unexpected breakdown – even a short one – anything can  happen. A rock may come flying through your window as a  pack of adolescent vandals run roughshod through your neighborhood. […]

Ten Self Reliance Tips

Ten Self Reliance Tips from Americans That Have Been Going It Alone for Centuries   By Lee Bellinger, Publisher, Independent Living   The economy is on the skids and the word is spreading: Prosperity is not coming back for awhile. Recently, the normally insular Wall Street Journal even examined the so-called “bunker stocks” – companies that […]

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