Planning and Preparing for Winter

Did you notice the power-grid failure during the recent Monday Night Football extravaganza in San Francisco? Well, the self-described environmentalists and their extremist regulations have led to America’s precarious electrical infrastructure. The reality is we’re just a major snowstorm away from failing power grids in major population centers throughout the country. I have a prediction: […]

Fuel Storage

A few years back, certain large regions of the Southeast United States suffered from a significant gas shortage that lasted almost six weeks. I was prepared – I had a  100-gallon spare gas tank on my truck that was disguised as a large tool kit.   Frankly, it was awesome driving by all those frustrated motorists […]

Planning and Preparing for Winter

  If this year’s freaky weather goes into overtime this winter, it could get ugly for those who expect their electricity to work. Unfortunately, like much of America’s basic infrastructure, many high-volume regional power grids are little better than working antiques, just waiting to fail big-time. Decades of overzealous regulation, out-of-control regulation and other political […]

The “NEW” War That Could Rocket Oil Past $220 In 2011

1,354 Years in the Making: The “NEW” War That Could Rocket Oil Past $220 In 2011   by Byron King, Editor What could be eight times bigger than the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan — and lethal enough to at least DOUBLE the price of gas and oil next year?  Brace yourself for the “new” […]

12 Unsustainable Systems headed for Disaster

12 Unsustainable Systems headed for Disaster by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, Editor of,  Friday, March 11, 2011Learn more: (NaturalNews) If you look around what’s really happening in our world today, there’s an inescapable pattern that curiously emerges: Much of what’s going on is simply unsustainable. It can’t go on for much longer, in […]

The Coming Coal Shortage

Another 1970s level energy shock coming… this time it’s going to be coal.    By Stefan Gleason, President American Lantern Press    David Morgan is one of the world’s foremost experts on hard-assets investing, and he edits Independent Living‘s sister publication, Money, Metals, and Mining. We are honored to be his publisher and wanted to […]

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