Turmeric – The Natural Wonder Drug

TURMERIC Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is a perennial herbal plant that is native to South and Southeast Asia. For centuries, it has been used as a spice, a fabric dye, for religious ceremonies and most important, for its many medicinal properties and health benefits. With more than 3,000 published studies, it is one of the most […]

Hydrogen Water – The Ultimate Antioxidant

A few bottles of vitamin / mineral supplements are an important part of any emergency food storage inventory. Here is another way to maintain good health.   HYDROGEN GAS MEDICAL HISTORY In 1798, the use of hydrogen gas (H2) to treat inflamation was reported. In the late 1800s, hydrogen gas (H2) was used to locate […]

Five Ingredients That Poison Your Brain

Five Ingredients That Poison Your Brain by Derek Henry (NaturalNews) There is no shortage of things driving us crazy in the world today, but there are some things that could do it in a shorter amount of time. These gut disturbing, liver compromising, and brain damaging ingredients have come from the “infinite genius” of man, […]

Walnuts found to improve brain performance

Walnuts found to improve brain performance, by Natural News, The key to a better memory, less brain fog and improved overall cognitive performance could be as simple as munching on a few tree nuts every day. Click post title to read more…

American Healthcare Hoax

Six preventable disorders America has manufactured, perpetuated and propagated, by S. D. Wells, (NaturalNews) Cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, osteoporosis and heart disease barely even existed in the USA 100 years ago. Doctors were going broke. Natural remedies were in full swing, including those used by herbal healers, the American Indians, midwives and doctors who made house […]

7 must-have spices to stockpile for survival

(NaturalNews) When the SHTF, you’ll need to have an adequate food stockpile to sustain you through an indefinite period. If you’ve been able to store enough food to last several months or years, chances are that much of it will be rather bland in taste or, at the very least, will become somewhat monotonous after […]

Ginger Root Prostate Cancer Cure

(NaturalNews) Prostate cancer is one of the most over-treated cancers out there. By 50 years of age, about 40 percent of all men already have prostate cancer and likely will never know it. But it will not kill them either – unless they are screened for it and then treated with Big Pharma protocols. Then […]

Pain Management Alternatives

(NaturalNews) It is your body’s way of telling you that something is amiss — pain, and for many people, the chronic variety that only the constant use of painkillers seems to mitigate. The advice of many conventional doctors is to just pop a few aspirin or ibuprofen when it shows up and go about your […]

Naturally Avoid and Eliminate Cancer

(NaturalNews) Chances are, you or someone you know has either had a brush with or succumbed to cancer. This destructive disease has been rising steadily and will likely claim the top spot in the leading cause of death in the next few years, with very little hope from the conventional model in turning the tide. […]

Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease

Whether you’re at risk of heart disease, have already suffered its effects, or are simply looking for ways to avoid this killer, you’ve come to the right place. With heart disease being the number one killer of both men and women in the U.S., it’s imperative that you pay attention to your heart health. After […]