Endless Hot Water Without Electricity

Endless Hot Water Without Electricity, by Alan, Urban Survival Site, click post title to read more…

Wonder Washer

Click post title or Amazon product banner to read more… I purchased 2 of these washers for the following applications: (1) Clean items like dish towels. (2) Other items like rags used for a toilet paper substitute. Bob

How to do Your Laundry by Hand

How to do Your Laundry by Hand, by The Organic Prepper, When you think about economic collapse, you probably envision all sorts of issues: food shortages, soup lines, people living in their cars, and abject poverty. Click post title to read more…

Build an Outhouse (Privy) with plans from 1909

Build an Outhouse (Privy) with plans from 1909, by Linda Holliday, The Prepper Journal, Besides taking for granted how simply water normally arrives into our homes, sometimes we also fail to consider how easily we can discharge waste-water. Click post title to read more…

Ten Self Reliance Tips

Ten Self Reliance Tips from Americans That Have Been Going It Alone for Centuries   By Lee Bellinger, Publisher, Independent Living   The economy is on the skids and the word is spreading: Prosperity is not coming back for awhile. Recently, the normally insular Wall Street Journal even examined the so-called “bunker stocks” – companies that […]

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