Coming Soon to a City Near You

Kharkov, Ukraine Katerina: As I promised, I can tell you about my city Kharkov. It is a big cultural and educational center of Ukraine. The population was around 2 million of people but now it is hardly 1.5 million of people. Bob: How did your city lose one half million people?  What were they doing and where did […]

The New American Family

When Grown Kids Move Back Home – Living (happily) together By John L. Graham, PhD, University of California, Irvine In these economic times, more grown children are moving back home. The arrangement can work well for you and your child if you discuss expectations and ground rules upfront. Set a deadline. If you do not […]

Protect Your Portfolio

          Protect Your Portfolio The recent events surrounding the U.S. debt ceiling negotiations have made investors like you more mindful than ever about needing to protect their portfolios during these volatile and uncertain times. And just like you, many are expanding their portfolio diversification strategies beyond stocks, bonds and cash to […]

How to Live on Practically Nothing

How to Live on Practically Nothing Living on practically nothing is achievable and depending on the attitude with which you approach it, living without much can be a liberating rather than a depriving experience. For those who are forced to downsize severely, for those who travel often for work or life, and for those who […]

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