Emergency car repairs in the SHTF

Emergency car repairs in the SHTF, by Kwitchabichen, Click post title to read more…

100 Items To Disappear First In A Panic

100 Items To Disappear First In A Panic Books / Information – Boy Scout Handbook, survival guide books Bugging Out / Relocation – backpack and duffel bag Business / Employment – barter supplies (candy, chewing gum, etc.) Business / Employment – barter supplies (cigarettes, liquors, wines, etc.) Clothing – basic (hat, neckerchief, t shirt, socks, underwear, etc.) Clothing […]

Planning and Preparing for Winter

Did you notice the power-grid failure during the recent Monday Night Football extravaganza in San Francisco? Well, the self-described environmentalists and their extremist regulations have led to America’s precarious electrical infrastructure. The reality is we’re just a major snowstorm away from failing power grids in major population centers throughout the country. I have a prediction: […]

Planning and Preparing for Evacuation

It’s been a summer of weird weather and natural disasters, leading in multiple cases to the urgent need for Americans to quickly flee their homes for safer territory.     Residents of Arizona, for example, have been facing the most massive wildfires in their history as a state. The Wallow Fire – the largest ever […]

Civil Unrest is Coming to Your Neighborhood

My Newest FREE Service Will Help You Get Ready for Anything as Economic Chaos Leads to Unraveling of Civil Society Urgent Dispatch from Lee Bellinger   This time it’s personal. Let me explain what recently transpired just steps from my own front door… why this incident has raised my level of concern about your personal […]

Evacuate Your Home in Five Minutes Flat

URGENT NOTICE FROM LEE BELLINGER If you can’t evacuate your home in five minutes flat, then drop what you are doing and read this email right now. You’ve known it deep down for quite a while… the urgent need to take measured precautions against mounting dangers that continue to unfold in these extraordinary times. In […]

Coming Soon to a Neighborhood Near You

Wow! Have you seen what’s on his personal blog? CLICK HERE to join the discussion! Yesterday alone, nearly 1,000 readers logged in to my publisher Martin Weiss’ blog to answer his questions of the day! The topic: The budget catastrophe in America’s cities and states. The questions he posed: What cuts in government services are […]


Preparedness goes mainstream with growing movement of “preppers” by David Gutierrez, staff writer, Natural News A movement of people calling themselves the “preppers” is becoming increasingly visible on the Internet as fears over food and energy insecurity and other forms of social instability feed a growing desire to prepare for the worst. “No one can […]

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