Planning 101

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(1) Good preparation is a step by step implementation of a good plan.

(2) Don’t expect to purchase a blueprint or plan that is a custom fit for your current situation.

(3) The first three preparations you need to make are:

72 Hour Kit (Bug Out Bag) / Auto Kit
Food Storage – A One Year Supply
Off Grid / Water – A Two Month Supply

(4) Contents of a 72 Hour Kit are variable, but in every case it should contain the things you need to survive for three days on your own.

(5) Survival supplies should be located in a central location for rapid access.  This is critical for 72 Hour Kits since you may have less than 5 minutes to evacuate.

(6) Keeping your 72 Hour Kit in one or more backpacks would be ideal in case you have to evacuate on foot, on a bicycle, or on a motorcycle.

(7) Due to the current state of our government (federal, state, and city), 72 Hour Kits should now contain one week of supplies.

(8) An automobile emergency kit should be carried at all times in your automobile.

(9) Use the Food Storage Analyzer as follows:

Make sure you have enough food (calories).
Make sure you have the right balance of nutrition (carbohydrates, fat, protein, etc.).

(10) Unless you are financially independent, your fourth preparation should be:

Business / Employment

(11) If you are waiting for the economy to improve – it is not going to happen.
Millions of jobs have left the USA and will not be coming back.
Millions of additional jobs will be sent offshore in the near future.
Half of the remaining jobs will be replaced by automation and robots within one generation.
Pensions are no longer reliable.
The US government is bankrupt and can not distribute entitlements much longer.

(12) For a limited number of people, making the right investments could be a substitute for Business / Employment.

(13) In any case, business ownership is still the “American Dream” and the best path to wealth.

(14) Obtain income from multiple sources. At least one of these sources should be something that could generate income (or barter goods) in an off grid or survival environment.

(15) Complete the following Planning Worksheets for each business you own:

Equipment / Tools
Maintenance / Supplies

(16) Load (copy and paste) the Planning Worksheets into any text editor or word processor.  Select a font with non proportional spacing which is best for data tables.  If you are using UltraEdit, the best font is Courier New.

(17) If you don’t have a computer, printer, or word processor, use a stack of index cards. An inexpensive rubber stamp could be used to place the same heading on every card.

(18) Review all Posts (see home page Categories) related to your current Planning Worksheet.

(19) Review all Posts (see home page RSS Feeds) related to your current Planning Worksheet.

(20) Links for additional information:
Prepping Videos
Survival Forums

(21) Customize the Planning  Worksheets to meet your own needs including any special supplies required in the following areas:


(22) Click here if you have a limited budget or focus on top 100 items.

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(24) The following definitions apply to all Planning Worksheets:

[ XXX ] [     ] [     ]  quantity on hand – actual – 72 hour kit
[     ] [ XXX ] [     ]  quantity on hand – actual – other locations
[     ] [     ] [ XXX ]  quantity on hand – ideal  – 72 hour kit and other locations
<     > <     > <     >  item common / useful in a 72 hour kit
[     ] [     ] [     ]# item to disappear first in a panic (top 100)
[     ] [     ] [     ]* item in multiple categories
[     ] [     ] [ 999 ]  item useful for barter
[     ] [     ] [ N/A ]  no action planned / required at present time
[     ] [     ] [     ]  recommended product – ALL UPPER CASE DESCRIPTION
[ XXX ] [ XXX ] [ XXX ]  each or specified unit of measure

ft   = feet
gal  = gallon
lb   = pound
oz   = ounce
pk   = packet
pt   = pint
qt   = quart
10c = number 10 can
5gb   = 5 gallon bucket